Starkey Releases Grit & Gloss Sound Pack for Beatmaker 3

Starkey released his first sound pack for the incredible iPad music creation app, Intua’s Beatmaker 3. Here’s what Intua have to say about the pack. It’s available now for $3.99 as an in-app purchase.

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The Grit & Gloss production sound pack is equal parts urban grit and synth gloss: raw sampling meets clean textures.

This collection features original samples collected from two Eurorack modular setups; an analog modular synth kit; hardware FM synthesizers; and raw drum recordings with an industry-standard miking scheme, and a not-so-industry-standard approach to a sampling session.

Grit & Gloss was sampled and produced by Philadelphia-based producer, Starkey, and spotlights his signature blend of polished synthesizers, deep unique bass tones above rugged, original percussion.

One example of the collection’s unique recordings is the percussion kit “Drum Setup”: this kit was recorded while a drum kit was being pulled out of its travel case and literally assembled in the studio. This versatile collection of sounds will provide a fresh palette for your productions: from modern classical to grime and hip-hop.
Pack content

[Percussion Kits]

Analog Machine
Drum Setup
Modular Percussion
Real Kit


Buzzy Modular
Dive Bass
FM Cluster Release
Overtone Sub
Popcorn Sine Drive Drive Bass
Noise Whoosh Synth
Plucked Modular
Twenty Six Synth


FM Bell Pop
Sine Density
Sine Detune
Slight Drive Piano

Pack size: 192MB