Starkey Releases Original Score For 2016 Play “Spinning Tales” on NOREMIXES

After three years cultivating the sound of NOREMIXES, label boss Starkey delivers his first NOREMIXES release – Spinning Tales (Original Soundtrack).

In late summer 2016, Starkey was approached by playwright James Guckin and accomplished theatrical director, Peggy Mecham, to score their original play, Spinning Tales. Directed by Mecham, a Performance Studies PhD recipient from New York University and director of over 20 plays at Philadelphia’s revered Plays and Players Theater, Spinning Tales premiered in November 2016 to critical acclaim.

Based on a collection of folktales told around the spinning wheels of Greece, England, China and the Baltics, Starkey’s score further coalesces the comedic to dramatic motifs played out on the stage. Starkey sets piano and strings alongside analog and digital synthesizers in a modern classical setting of bell tones and synth flourishes.

Here are some links to stores and streaming sites where you can check it out, with the Bandcamp player below.

iTunes / Apple Music [mastered for iTunes]