The “Human Extinction” EP out now

Starkey’s new EP, Human Extinction, is a synth tour de force of rhythmic pulses in ‘In Love During Flight’ and ‘No Time’, mixed with ambient flourishes, ‘MLI’ and ‘AI Smile’.  It’s out now on NOREMIXES.Bandcamp iTunes / Apple Music Spotify Juno Amazon Deezer YouTube MusicHuman Extinction by Starkey

New Single “MLI” is Out Now on NOREMIXES

“MLI” is the second release from Starkey in 2023. The piece follows the epic ten plus minute “In Love During Flight”. “MLI” takes on an ambient and meditative tone with strings, woodwinds and pulsing drones, alongside subdued synthesizer arpeggios. Bandcamp iTunes / Apple Music Spotify Juno Download Amazon Music YouTube Music DeezerMLI by Starkey

New Single on NOREMIXES, “In Love During Flight”

Starkey kicks of 2023 with “In Love During Flight”, a 10+ minute journey into pulsing synthesizers, orchestral ambience and stuttering vocal fragments. Bandcamp Spotify Apple Music / iTunes Tidal Juno Download Amazon Music DeezerIn Love During Flight by Starkey

NOREMIXES Release Starkey’s 2016 Audio Installation “Rush Allen Jones Girard”

Starkey’s Rush Allen Jones Girard is being released in stores and streaming services for the first time. The 2016 electro-acoustic work was originally written as a month long audio installation for the Community College of Philadelphia’s Mint Building Rotunda. Here are the original program notes: The site of Philadelphia’s Third Mint Building occupies land that was originally part of Springettsbury …

Starkey Re-works Three Tracks Into the Variants EP on NOREMIXES

Starkey continues his string of releases for the start of 2022 with the Variants EP on his NOREMIXES imprint.  Variants re-works three tracks from the now unavailable, Sea Legs EP, from 2020. iTunes / Apple Music [Apple Digital Master] Bandcamp Spotify Amazon Juno Deezer <a href=””>Variants by Starkey</a>

Yung Jupiter’s “The Skies Are Open (Acapella)” is released

Starkey’s NOREMIXES label released the stripped back acapella production of the debut Yung Jupit3r single, “The Skies are Open”.  Removing all of the instrumentation,  except for the vocals, revealed a beautiful version of the track: an acapella which showcases the breadth of vocal content recorded by Idely Rey for the song. Apple Music / iTunes (Apple Digital Master) Spotify Bandcamp Juno Deezer …

Starkey Announces Releases Under the Moniker, Time Police

Today, Starkey announced that he’s been releasing music as Time Police on his NOREMIXES label. “I decided that I would let people know about these other monikers I use to release music that were secret. If it lets a few more people know about the projects, then that’s cool.”  Time Police is Starkey’s output for strict synth exploration: sometimes modular …

Starkey “…for the Feeble-Minded and Epileptic” Release

Starkey’s November 2019 audio installation for the Community College of Philadelphia “…for the Feeble-Minded and Epileptic” was released on the NOREMIXES label. The concept of the project stemmed from the attention and discussions taking place around mental health in the media, and quickly turned down the path of the dark history of controversy, patient mistreatment and investigations into mental health facilities. …

RVLVR “Machine Gun Mouth (Starkey Remix)” out now on NOREMIXES

Philadelphia-based producer, RVLVR, returns to Starkey’s NOREMIXES imprint with the analog affair, Machine Gun Mouth.  Recorded at Kawari Sound in Wyncote PA, the record finds RVLVR overdubbing acoustic drums, vocals and synthesizers and processing them with analog tape delays, EQs and compressors.  Starkey, along with WWAARRPPSSPPEEEEDD, William Fields, John Morrison & Shell Money provided remixes for the release.  Check it out …

Amari “Nebula Reflection (Starkey Remix)” Out Now

2019 sees another remix from Starkey in the form of “Nebula Reflection”, a remix for Philadelphia-based artist Amari.  “Nebula Reflection” was taken from Amari’s debut EP That One on Spring Garden Records, released late in 2018.  NOREMIXES producer, RVLVR, Tiger Blood Tapes producer, Geo Metro, and newcomer, NebulR, round out the All-Philly remix squad.  Check it out.Apple Music / iTunes Spotify Bandcamp …