Yung Jupit3r Release Another Single, “We’ll See the Dawn”

Starkey & Idely Rey’s project Yung Jupit3r have dropped their third single on NOREMIXES, “We’ll See the Dawn”.  It’s the group’s second release of April 2024!  The record features a growling synth alongside a playful melody and sparse percussion.  Check it out! iTunes / Apple Music Bandcamp Spotify Juno Deezer YouTube Music We’ll See the Dawn by Yung Jupit3r

Starkey & Idely Rey’s Yung Jupit3r release second single “My Home” on NOREMIXES

Yung Jupit3r, the collaboration between Starkey & Idely Rey, released their second single on NOREMIXES entitled My Home.  My Home is another epic production which crosses over modern classical and electronic music production.  Check it out where you get your music fix. iTunes / Apple Music Bandcamp Spotify Juno Deezer YouTube Music My Home by Yung Jupit3r

Yung Jupiter’s “The Skies Are Open (Acapella)” is released

Starkey’s NOREMIXES label released the stripped back acapella production of the debut Yung Jupit3r single, “The Skies are Open”.  Removing all of the instrumentation,  except for the vocals, revealed a beautiful version of the track: an acapella which showcases the breadth of vocal content recorded by Idely Rey for the song. Apple Music / iTunes (Apple Digital Master) Spotify Bandcamp Juno Deezer …

Starkey Releases First Single and NFT for New Project Yung Jupit3r

Starkey released the first music from his seven years in the making project, Yung Jupit3r: a collaboration with another Philadelphia-based artist, Idely Rey. Yung Jupit3r finds Starkey exploring many of the dense synth and modern classical sounds in his productions as well as his admiration for the classic electronic music of the 90’s (trip hop being a heavy influence). Idely …