Starkey Releases Piano and Synth Single “Critical Void”

Starkey kicks off 2024 with the single release Critical Void on his NOREMIXES label. Critical Void was premiered in November 2023 as an audio installation for the Community College of Philadelphia’s Mint Building Rotunda and played on a continuous loop for the duration of the month.

Critical Void features layers of cascading pianos interspersed with synth ostinatos and woodwind drones. The prepared piano provides a percussive swirl amongst growing ambient beds of granular effects. Critical Void is a prime illustration of the type of electro-acoustic works Starkey has released alongside his more club-oriented records for almost two decades; the most recent of which are the Slit Jockey Records released, Make the Ting (Starkey Remixes) for Elijah & Jammz, as well as an EP of collaborations with CLYDE on Dome of Doom, Clydebot Ultra

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