Starkey Announces “Earth” EP on The Ambient Zone and “Waters (edit)” Single Release

Starkey follows up the New Theia: Today and Tomorrow EPs on Eat the Bomb, and his remix of RVLVR's Machine Gun Mouth on NOREMIXES with a new EP and single on the UK's The Ambient Zone.

The Earth EP will be released on October 18th with the first taste of this new project dropping on October 4th in the form of the "Waters (edit)".

When discussing this release for The Ambient Zone, Starkey wrote, "I like to think about the term Ambient Music a little differently than others; it’s not necessarily defined by any specific musical idea, or lack of rhythm, but more an attitude in structure and composition.  I think you can have a piece of music that has lots of intricate rhythms, but no clear percussion or drum sounds, and the piece will feel very ambient.  That could sit alongside a track with sparse electronic productions and a 4x4 kick drum, which feels equally ambient. “