Starkey Releases “The Alienstyles Trilogy Parts 2 & 3” for Pay What You Want


To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the release of Ear Drums and Black Holes, Starkey released two tracks available for pay what you want via Bandcamp, Moonbase Teleport and Satellites.  Here's the producer, describing The Alienstyles Trilogy Parts 2 & 3.

"In 2010, I wrote Moonbase Teleport as a kind of sequel to the track Alienstyles from Ear Drums and Black Holes. I was in the middle of doing the Space Traitor series and was really into this idea of story and creating continuity over the releases I was doing. I just never ended up putting it out because it really didn't feel like it fit on any of the albums or EPs I was putting together. Then in 2012 I wrote Satellites. It had some of the same themes and again shared that 'space glow, climate control' lyric from Alienstyles. It really didn't feel like it should go on Orbits, which was the album I was working on at the time. So it just kind of sat on a hard drive.

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Ear Drums I thought I would give these tunes out so they can finally be heard."

For now, you can only get the release via Bandcamp, but it will be on all download and streaming services on May 8th 2020.