“The Alienstyles Trilogy Parts 2 & 3” Now Available on All Stores and Streaming Sites

Starkey’s The Alienstyles Trilogy Parts 2 & 3 released to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Ear Drums and Black Holes is now available to buy/stream on all music sites. iTunes / Apple Music Bandcamp Spotify Amazon Juno DeezerThe Alienstyles Trilogy Parts 2 & 3 by Starkey

Starkey Releases “The Alienstyles Trilogy Parts 2 & 3” for Pay What You Want

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the release of Ear Drums and Black Holes, Starkey released two tracks available for pay what you want via Bandcamp, Moonbase Teleport and Satellites.  Here’s the producer, describing The Alienstyles Trilogy Parts 2 & 3. “In 2010, I wrote Moonbase Teleport as a kind of sequel to the track Alienstyles from Ear Drums and Black Holes. I was in …

Ear Drums and Black Holes 10 Year Anniversary

10 Years ago, April 19th 2010, Starkey released his second full-length album Ear Drums and Black Holes on Planet Mu Records.  To celebrate that anniversary, Starkey posted up the ultra rare Ear Drums and Screwed Up Black Holes mix he did for the official release party ten years ago. You can download the mix via Soundcloud now.

Ear Drums And Black Holes one of Kmag's 20 best Bass Albums of 2010

Read Full Feature at K.Mag With Starkey’s stunning debut Ephemeral Exhibits still on constant repeat two years after its release, the Philadelphia-based producer dropped his sophomore effort, Ear Drums and Black Holes, on the consistently impressive Planet Mu imprint. Remaining true to the intrinsic qualities of his debut, the follow-up saw Starkey showcase a more refined songwriting talent and wider …