Starkey Releases “Clay” on Future Archive Recordings Vol. 2 Compilation

Starkey has released a new track as part of Future Archive Recordings’ Vol. 2 Compilation, entitled, Clay.  The heavy modular production with  synth swells and irregular beat showcases the more downtempo side of the producer’s production. For a list of store links, click here.

CNJR “ISV (Starkey Remix)” Out Now on Future Archive Recordings

Starkey continues his aural assault of 2019 with another remix. This time, courtesy of Future Archive Recordings’ CNJR.  Starkey’s remix of ISV “strips down the original pieces and reassembles the song into a darker and heavier experience, focused on bass and reinterpreted glitchy glimpses of the original arpeggios.” Here’s a list of sites where you can get/listen to the track.  Or, …