Starkey Masters Debut Album from LUCI

Following up on the Spins single, Don’t Sleep artist LUCI releases her debut full length album They Say They Love You.  The album was mastered by Starkey.  Give a listen and check out a video with Grizz below.

Yung Jupit3r Release Another Single, “We’ll See the Dawn”

Starkey & Idely Rey’s project Yung Jupit3r have dropped their third single on NOREMIXES, “We’ll See the Dawn”.  It’s the group’s second release of April 2024!  The record features a growling synth alongside a playful melody and sparse percussion.  Check it out! iTunes / Apple Music Bandcamp Spotify Juno Deezer YouTube Music We’ll See the Dawn by Yung Jupit3r

Starkey & Idely Rey’s Yung Jupit3r release second single “My Home” on NOREMIXES

Yung Jupit3r, the collaboration between Starkey & Idely Rey, released their second single on NOREMIXES entitled My Home.  My Home is another epic production which crosses over modern classical and electronic music production.  Check it out where you get your music fix. iTunes / Apple Music Bandcamp Spotify Juno Deezer YouTube Music My Home by Yung Jupit3r

Starkey “Switches” on Xyberware Level 3, Vol. 1″ compilation. Out now.

Xyberware’s newest compilation Xyberware Level 3, Vol. 1 is a weightless grime affair that features a new Starkey tune, “Switches”.  The compilation is out everywhere now, and also features new tunes from Slit Jockey Records mainstay KOROstyle, as well as DJ Absurd, Dubzta, Smash Atom + more. XYBERWARE: LEVEL 3, Vol. 1 by Starkey Bandcamp Apple Music / iTunes Spotify Amazon …

Nate Mars “To Kill a DJ (Starkey Remix)” Out Now Via Complex Dubz

New York City based Nate Mars puts together a star-studded remix EP, the In Time (Remixes), featuring Liondub, Tim Reaper & Starkey.  Released on Complex Dubz, the remix EP finds each producer remixing a different track from Mars’ 2023 EP In Time.   Starkey’s remix flips the original track into an edgy jungle production with devastating breaks. Get it where you get …

Starkey Releases Piano and Synth Single “Critical Void”

Starkey kicks off 2024 with the single release Critical Void on his NOREMIXES label. Critical Void was premiered in November 2023 as an audio installation for the Community College of Philadelphia’s Mint Building Rotunda and played on a continuous loop for the duration of the month.Critical Void features layers of cascading pianos interspersed with synth ostinatos and woodwind drones. The …

New single from LUCI, mastered by Starkey

The new single Spins from Don’t Sleep artist, LUCI, dropped today with Starkey taking on mastering engineer duties.  Check out the single (links) and video below.

Clydebot Ultra, the new EP from Starkey & CLYDE is out now on Dome of Doom

Clydebot Ultra, the new EP from Starkey and CLYDE is out now on Dome of Doom.  The project is a love letter to old school hardcore and jungle with the producers’ modern twist on production.  Check it out where you get your music fix. Spotify Apple Music / iTunes Deezer Amazon Music Tidal

CLYDE + Starkey single “Rave Stab ver. 11” Out Now on Dome of Doom

The CLYDE + Starkey single Rave Stab ver. 11 is out now on Dome of Doom.  The full EP is out, September 8th.  Check out the rave anthem where you get your music fix: Spotify Apple Music Deezer Amazon Juno  

CLYDE and Starkey team up for “Clydebot Ultra” EP on Dome of Doom

Dome of Doom announced today an EP collaboarative release from Norwich’s CLYDE and Philadelphia’s Starkey Clydebot Ultra.  The full EP is released Friday, September 8th, but a single Rave Stab ver. 11 drops tomorrow, August 30th.   The artwork for the release, which features two mechs, was drawn by Phil Whitton, who has previously provided artwork for CLYDE’s releases.  You can check out …