Starkey “Switches” on Xyberware Level 3, Vol. 1″ compilation. Out now.

Xyberware’s newest compilation Xyberware Level 3, Vol. 1 is a weightless grime affair that features a new Starkey tune, “Switches”.  The compilation is out everywhere now, and also features new tunes from Slit Jockey Records mainstay KOROstyle, as well as DJ Absurd, Dubzta, Smash Atom + more. XYBERWARE: LEVEL 3, Vol. 1 by Starkey Bandcamp Apple Music / iTunes Spotify Amazon …

Elijah & Jammz “Make the Ting (Starkey Remixes)” Out Now

Elijah & Jammz recently released the album “Make the Ting”, and now Starkey’s remixed the entire album for Slit Jockey Records.  Check it out where you get your music. Spotify Apple Music / iTunes Bandcamp Deezer Amazon Music Juno DownloadMake The Ting (Starkey Remixes) by Elijah & Jammz

Starkey Announces Elijah & Jammz Remix Album Out Friday, July 7th

Today Starkey announced a full remix album for all of the tracks on Elijah & Jammz’ new album Make The Ting.  The remix album will be released on Friday, July 7th on Slit Jockey Records.  To announce the release, Starkey made a short behind the scenes video.  Check that out below.

Starkey Releases “Seaweed” Single on Saturate

Following up the “Nonstellar Origins” EP released on Night Bass just a couple weeks ago, Starkey returns to Saturate Records to release the single Seaweed.  Seaweed starts as an 8-bar grime stomper and then flips into trap for the 2nd drop.  Get it where you get your music. Spotify Apple Music / iTunes Deezer Tidal Juno Download

“Pulsar 2020Hz” Released on Deadbeats

Starkey’s Pulsar 2020Hz arrives via the Deadbeats label.  This 4 track EP of grime …meets old school hardcore …meets experimental electronic music expands on the producer’s 2019 Rwina EP, Megawave, in its production aesthetic. Writing about Pulsar 2020Hz the press release says “Starkey’s first Deadbeats release arrives with crushing basslines pulsing beneath dizzying melodies. Taking listeners on a wormhole slide, as they get spun …

Starkey “Megawave” EP on Rwina Records

Eleven years after Starkey put out the first release on Holland’s Rwina Records, Megawave, is released on the label’s return after a brief hiatus. On Instagram, Starkey posted “I’m very excited to share my new EP #Megawave with everyone. It’s also the return of the Rwina Records label out of Holland, which I released music with 10 years ago. This project …

Starkey Announces “Megawave” EP on Rwina

Continuing his run of 2019 releases, Starkey announced a surprise EP Megawave dropping on the resurgent Rwina Records out of Holland.  Starkey  released a number of tracks with Rwina, including the label’s first ever offering, “Just A / Million”, and the often lauded “Rain City / Beatingz” double a-side single. Megawave is released November 8th. View this post on Instagram A …

Starkey Produces New Single for Trim “Love Me”

Starkey starts November 2019 off with a production for long time collaborator Trim.  “Love Me” is a grime/trap stomper with Trim’s trademark flow and always unique lyrics.  Check it out! Spotify iTunes / Apple Music Juno Download Amazon

Goldfinger “I Am (Starkey Remix)”

Goldfinger, of Manchester-based grime supergroup Virus Syndicate, recently released his new single, I am. Now the track has gotten the Starkey remix treatment. Check out the release at your favorite shop or streaming service. Apple Music / iTunes Spotify Juno Download Amazon