“Pulsar 2020Hz” Released on Deadbeats

Starkey’s Pulsar 2020Hz arrives via the Deadbeats label.  This 4 track EP of grime …meets old school hardcore …meets experimental electronic music expands on the producer’s 2019 Rwina EP, Megawave, in its production aesthetic. Writing about Pulsar 2020Hz the press release says “Starkey’s first Deadbeats release arrives with crushing basslines pulsing beneath dizzying melodies. Taking listeners on a wormhole slide, as they get spun …

New Mix for SpinSpinNYC

In anticipation of next week’s release on the SpinSpinNYC label (…Starkey’s remix of Cubez debut single “Skams”…) Starkey was asked to do the 2nd mix in their podcast series. The mix features a bunch of new Starkey originals, plus forthcoming releases on the Seclusiasis and Slit Jockey labels. Check it out here!